12m + 4 Device Packaging Perdekit Practical Curtain Mounting Tape

12m + 4 Device Packaging Perdekit Practical Curtain Mounting Tape

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What is it? What does it do?

PERDEKİT is entirely local produced and protected under patent. PERDEKİT is sewn in strips on your curtains which are tailor-made for determined sizes for your homes. It is cut at curtain length and ended. Then after, it is attached onto cornice by zipper socket piece. From now on, you can easily hang your curtain, all you need is pulling. Perdekit is a practical and easy-to-use product thanks to its specially-designed weaving technique. All durability tests are made and is has long life.

Producer Benefits

• No need to use Brit,
• It eliminates time and labour cost needed for loop sewing. 
• It creates a fast delivery process due to the time savings,
• Reduces production costs and provides profitability, 
• It provides maximum customer satisfaction.

Consumer Benefits

• It enables you to hang curtains by easiest way and at shortest duration. 
• Since removing and hanging curtains become easy, they can be cleaned whenever you want. 
• It prevents simple home accidents occurring during hanging curtain.
• It eliminates loop rupture and re-sewing problems,
• Existing curtains can be reused by removing loops and by attaching curtain chains. 
• It provides maximum customer satisfaction.

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